Why Access to Justice thinks The Government Needs to Rethink

Why the Government Needs to Rethink

Access to Justice believes the Government is wrong for several reasons, but first and foremost, the government changes will dramatically restrict peoples access to justice, in a most draconian way.

Secondly, the proposals would cause a significant loss of tax revenue to the Treasury.

Thirdly, the proposals would cause catastrophic unemployment for ordinary working people. This is because approximately 90 to 95% of all accidents would no longer be pursued by injured victims.  Victims would not be able to afford to pay for legal assistance and would be put off trying to understand how to recover their losses through the Small Claims Court. It follows that there would be mass unemployment in Defendant and Claimant law firms, barristers chambers, before the event and after the event insurers, claims handlers working in insurance companies, medical agencies, the Courts System due to courts closures, possibly the Judiciary due to a reduction in cases, and the list will increase.

Access to Justice proposes to support, jointly with other organisations, the preparation of detailed independent reports into all of the above to increase public and parliamentary awareness of the seismic consequences of the government imposing their proposals.

Armed with factual data supporting the above, and with a sophisticated media and social media campaign, it is hoped that the government will seriously reconsider their proposals, to address all of the above realistic consequences.