All vulnerable road users to be exempt from government whiplash reforms

Following a successful campaign by A2J and others, the government has confirmed that all vulnerable road users (VRUs) – pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders – will be excluded from the scope of the controversial Civil Liability Act and its associated legislative changes.

During the Commons Committee Stage of the Act on 11 September 2019, Justice Minister Rory Stewart said “We are delighted to confirm that vulnerable road users will be excluded in respect of the small claims limit and the Bill.”

This welcome decision came after sustained pressure from the Vulnerable Road User Group whose members include A2J. It campaigned for the exemption on the grounds that VRUs typically don’t get whiplash and very rarely submit fraudulent claims.

However, the government has yet to confirm exact details of the exemption – for example, whether the small claims limit for VRUs will remain at £1,000. These details will emerge when the statutory instruments are published in due course, and A2J will be pushing to ensure that the government sticks to its promises.