Queen’s Speech: Government Whiplash Reform Proposals

Commenting on the Tory decision to press ahead with plans to reform personal injury and whiplash, Andrew Twambley, spokesperson for Access to Justice (A2J) said:

“The nasty party has returned. If these reforms become law 600,000 people injured in car accidents through no fault of their own will have their rights taken away from them.

Young people and the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable in road accidents, will lose their rights while giant insurance companies and their shareholders will benefit to the tune of hundreds of millions a year.

The Government has once again doffed its cap to the well-paid bosses of the giant insurance companies, and in doing so Theresa May has reneged on another promise when she pledged on becoming PM: “When we make the big calls we’ll think not of the powerful but you (ordinary working people), when we pass new laws we’ll listen not to the mighty but to you.”

The government’s proposals will simply open the door to claims touts and cold callers. There are better ways for MPs to resolve whiplash than simply doing what big insurers tell them to do.”

Background facts

• Car insurance is already more expensive than at any time since 2012. Insurance industry figures show that between 2007-2016, the total amount paid out by insurers for whiplash claims fell by 17%. During the same period, there has been a 72% increase in the cost of car insurance. [Source – ABI data and Capital Economics]

• The Access to Justice Act 1999 raised public awareness of their legal rights and as a result the number of low value RTA PI claims registered with the Compensation Recovery Unit rose from 519,000p.a in 2006 to 828,000 in 2011. Since 2011 the number has fallen by 7% to 771,000p.a. [Source – Compensation Recovery Unit (HMG statistics)]

• Insurers profits will be boosted by £700m p.a from these measures [Source – Capital Economics]

About A2J

A2J represents the interests of the public and is supported by the broader personal injury (PI) sector. Its prime focus is to respond to the government’s proposed road traffic accident compensation reforms. A2J provides a cohesive voice to fight these proposed draconian measures; it will work with the government and other interested parties to create sensible, balanced alternatives which protect individuals’ rights, while addressing the government’s concerns, particularly in relation to claims fraud.

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