Our Supporters

Whilst some of our supporters prefer not to be identified, a list of our participants who are happy to be named include:

a2 solicitors LLP
AAH Direct
Accident Advice Solicitors
Accident Solicitors Direct Ltd
Aegis Legal
Aequitas Legal
Almond Solicitors
Alternative Costs
Amelans Solicitors
Ask Legal Solicitors
Bakers Solicitors 
BASIC Charity
Beardsells Limited
Beers LLP
BIG Brain Injury Group
BTW Solicitors
Cordell & Co
Dedicated Accident Solicitors
DGM Solicitors 
Dorians Solicitors
Easthams Solicitors Ltd

Emerald Law 
Excel Legal
Express Solicitors 
Forster Dean Solicitors
Frenkel Topping 
Garvins Solicitors 
Graham Coffey & Co Solicitors
GC Solicitors
Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd 
Injury Lawyers 4U 
Irvings Law 
Jefferies Solicitors 
Jigsaw Law 
JMW Solicitors 
Keystone Legal
Lawyers Against Fraud 
Leigh Day
Michael W Halsall Solicitors Ltd 
Nestor Financial Group
NW Law Ltd

Oliver & Co Solicitors 
O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors 
PR Scully & Co 
Questus Injury Lawyers 
Ralli Ltd 
Recovery Assist LLP 
Scott Rees & Co 
Sheldon Davidson Solicitors 
SGM Solicitors
Slater & Gordon 
Smart Accident Claims Ltd 
Smooth Law 
Stephensons Solicitors 
Taylor&Emmet LLP 
TJL Solicitors 
Thorneycroft Solicitors 
Torchwood Legal Services
True Solicitors LLP 
Winn Solicitors
Withy King LLP