News Roundup 2017

22nd December 2017

Slater and Gordon backs Access to Justice

We all know a false economy when we see it – why doesn’t our government?

Lessons to learn from personal injury reform


8th December 2017

‘Where’s the evidence?’: MPs tell ministers to justify discount rate reform

MPs to examine potential impact of small claims increase


1st December 2017

Whiplash reforms could cut motor premiums by only £16

Treasury memo suggests real whiplash savings are just £16

Campaign group slams potential impact of whiplash reforms


24th November 2017

Insurers “to reap rewards” from discount rate and whiplash reforms, says EY

Legal aid cuts shown up as false economy – new research


17th November 2017

More bad news for government PI reforms: Experts not willing to accept LiP instructions

Bond Solon finds that majority of expert witnesses in PI claims will not accept instructions from a litigant in person

Tribunal fee refunds finally open to all

Why trials are losing their appeal to expert witnesses


10th November 2017

Minister reveals schedule for discount rate reform

Insurers ‘burying price rises’ in renewal letters


3rd November 2017

Whiplash reform: Insurers may have to deal with far more claimants in person

Motor premiums hit record high as insurer profits leap

Government in unexpected u-turn on CMC cold-calling ban

MoJ: tell us what you think of LASPO reforms


27th October 2017

Lidington sends glum message on legal aid, PI and employment

Lidington confirms rise in small claims limit for personal injury cases


20th October 2017

Government calls for holiday sickness fraud evidence as it treats ABTA figures with caution

Time to put people before insurance profits?

Personal injury reform: “Insurers are there to pay claims”


13th October 2017

A2J Andrew Twambley on ITV – Tonight: Britain’s Claim Culture

Government calls for holiday sickness fraud evidence as it treats ABTA figures with caution 

Fixed costs in 2018 to tackle holiday sickness ‘epidemic’ 

Lawyers expect whiplash reforms to drag beyond October 2018

Is paying monthly for car and home insurance costing you a fortune?

Car insurance now £100 pricier than a year ago with premiums up 14%: here’s why costs are set for record highs

Car insurance price fall short-lived, says comparison website


6th October 2017

Conservative MPs fire warning shots over PI to both government and SRA

Whiplash reform inquiry to be reinstated – reports

Insurance prices to fall after Government revises changes payouts to victims

Beware the auto-renewal insurance trap


29th September 2017

MPs Bob Neill and Alberto Costa to join Access to Justice and AXA at Conservative party conference fringe meeting on PI reforms

PI market a year from cliff edge as damages set to rise

Are drivers being pushed too far by premium rises?

Motor insurance cost ‘widens between sexes’

Legal aid cuts leave thousands in England and Wales unable to defend their rights, report finds

Baroness Ros Altmann: ‘Can more be done to stamp out cold calls by CMCs?’

Ros Altmann: Winning the war on cold-calling


22nd September 2017

“All to play for” on Civil Liability Bill, personal injury leaders say

Bach calls for human right to legal aid

Threat of higher car insurance premiums as rising theft and repair bills send claims up by 6%

‘Check your renewal, challenge it – and then reap the rewards’: Survey finds car and home insurers charge up to 20% EXTRA just for the privilege of paying in instalments

Car insurance costs accelerate 14.6% in a year rising FIVE times faster than inflation – and older drivers have seen biggest increases


15th September 2017

Car insurance: tick the box to auto-renew and waste £267 a year 

Government kills latest attempt to ban cold calls

Government rejects peer pressure to ban cold-calling by claims companies

Three million drivers pay £800m too much on their car insurance each year by letting it automatically renew

Experts say insurers set for £2.5bn windfall from discount rate


8th September 2017

Insurers’ victory in battle over motor accident compensation

A2J calls on brokers to join claims campaign

Insurance firms charging an extra £15 to buy or renew policies over the phone instead of online

Insurers toast new discount rate plans

Road accident victims injured again as Government caves in to insurers


1st September 2017

Uninsured driver claims rise, pushing up car insurance costs

JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Shop around for your insurance… or you’ll be ripped off

Here’s the proof that loyalty gets you nowhere: Insurers give cheaper deals to new customers and offer worse value the longer you stay


25th August 2017

Nationwide insurance rip-off: loyal member pays £1,003, new customer just £499

Insurers in the spotlight for ‘hidden fees’

The hidden fees around car insurance renewal revealed: Drivers face raft of stealth charges with some providers charging £75 just to roll over a policy


18th August 2017

Aviva shows why loyalty a word that’s currently missing from the insurance industry’s lexicon

Further Ogden hits anticipated but whiplash claims falling, says Admiral 

Stat of the month: Motorists save 12% renewing car insurance early 

Admiral bemoans discount rate – but hikes dividend as profits rise


11th August 2017

Vast majority of claims for whiplash generated by insurance companies, says claimant lobby group

Shame on the insurance companies for failing to reward loyalty

Travel insurance companies are legally allowed to discriminate against disabled people – isn’t it about time someone challenged them?

How insurers rip you off: Paying by instalments for car and home cover costs Britons £500million


2nd August 2017

Electric cars cost 50% more to insure 

In charts: how car insurance premiums have risen to an all-time high

Repairs rip-off shame as millions of motorists overcharged for car insurance because of ‘secret rates’

Drivers overcharged for motor insurance as firms use secret deals to inflate repair costs by up to 100pc

UK insurers await verdict on payouts to accident victims


21st July 2017

Rising insurance costs drive young off the road

How greedy firms have fleeced us in the last 10 years

Revealed: the age groups hardest hit by rising car insurance costs

Prangs bump up premiums for faultless 

Car insurance premiums in record rise, says ABI 

Cost of UK car insurance leaps 11% to record high

Insurers to blame for record motor insurance costs not compensation awards


14th July 2017

Car insurance costs race towards record highs: Premiums up £100 in just four months and could hit £1,000 by 2018

Report firms making fraudulent holiday claims – claimant group

MoJ to pursue fixed costs regime for holiday sickness claims

Car insurance premium rises sting motorists in their 50s hardest

Young people ‘priced out of driving’ as cost of insurance and tuition soars

Insurer blames injury claims industry for data thefts


7th July 2017

Government admits it cannot produce ‘robust’ PI claims data

Government backs away from cold call ban for CMCs


5th July 2017

Car insurance bills bump up by a fifth

Government admits it cannot produce ‘robust’ PI claims data


4th July 2017 

Victims to miss out on fair compensation after crackdown on whiplash claims

Compensation reform ‘penalises the majority’ – lawyers

Government PI reforms will push 80% of RTA cases into small claims court, research finds


3rd July 2017

Up for the challenge


21st June 2017

Queen’s speech: Labour condemns whiplash plans

Fake whiplash claims crackdown makes it to Queen’s Speech

Government resurrects whiplash reform

Queen’s Speech: Government to press ahead with PI reform and court modernisation

Queen’s speech confirms whiplash reform and court modernisation


13th June 2017

Election result makes whiplash reform less likely to go through in proposed form


12th June 2017

Liz Truss replaced as Justice Secretary in reshuffle

Truss out as Lidington becomes new Lord Chancellor

David Lidington – another non-lawyer – is new lord chancellor


9th June 2017

Report firms making fraudulent holiday claims – claimant group

Claimant lawyers urge colleagues to tell SRA about firms running bogus holiday sickness claims

Hung parliament deals blow to justice reforms

Blog: Cooperation will stymie claims touts and dodgy claimant firms


5th June 2017

Changing of the guard


18th May 2017

Tories pledge whiplash reform and “stronger” legal services regulation

Tories ‘consider’ ban on personal injury cold calling


9th May 2017

Politicians demand heavy fines for insurers overpricing loyal customers – report

Shame of insurance giants: How loyal customers are ripped off by up to £1,000 a year – to fund cut-price deals for new homeowners and drivers


30th April 2017

Government has no evidential justification on which to progress with PI reforms, says Thompsons


21st April 2017

Car insurance premium bills are at record highs but insurers don’t want us to know the real reason why


20th April 2017

Prisons and Courts Bill dropped

Will pre-election ‘wash-up’ wash out the government’s PI reforms?

Election question mark over courts bill


11th April 2017

Car insurance premiums ‘jump by £110’ 

Insurers must stomach compensation reforms, says uSwitch

Blog: Injured claimants are not lobby fodder

Insurance companies made to come clean

Car insurance rises by 9.4% – and there’s more to come, says Consumer Intelligence


29th March 2017

Insurers urge MPs to close whiplash “loophole” in Prison and Courts Bill


21st March 2017

“We’ve gone for moderate options to reform PI,” says justice minister 

Courts bill proceeds unscathed but Labour threatens to table amendments 


20th March 2017

New evidence in A2J commissioned report shows no correlation between whiplash claim numbers and rising motor insurance premiums 

Government PI reforms will hand insurers windfall of up to £700m, say economists

MPs launch inquiry into government’s personal injury reforms

Car insurance: Economists debunk industry claims whiplash crackdown will result in lower premiums


16th March 2017

ABI reaction to Discount Rate cut portrays insurers as shallow, self-interested and heartless, says ARAG

The UK Is Raising The Small Claims Limit For Victims of Negligence 


2nd March 2017

MPs warn government that PI reforms “risk injustice for genuine claimants”

Lawyers vow to fight on over small claims curbs 

PI firms will have ‘no other choice but to close’ following whiplash reform 


23rd February 2017

Government unveils whiplash bill

PI reforms in full – fixed whiplash damages to start at £225, 1 October 2018 start date

Government to raise small claims track limit for whiplash to £5000

Government to bring in fixed tariffs for whiplash pay-outs

Government presses ahead with whiplash reforms – but gives ground on other PI claims 

Courts bill: claimants ‘extremely disappointed’ by PI reforms

Courts bill: MoJ confirms sweeping PI reforms for October 2018 


20th February 2017

Careless driving licence


16th February 2017

Access To Workplace Justice At Threat

Road accident victim speaks out against government proposals to increase the small claims limit

Drivers face further insurance price hikes as insurers backtrack on premium reduction promise


8th February 2017

Insurance boss queries blanket increase in small claims limit

Forensic MPs finally nail insurers over their PI spin

Bob Neill MP: MoJ ‘firing in wrong direction’

MoJ “firing in wrong direction” on PI reforms, says justice committee chair


3rd February 2017

PI reforms could make justice system “unworkable”, district judges tell government

Post Power List 2017: A2J Andrew Twambley

Motor insurance premiums hit record high, as cars go hi tech

Former mayor speaks out against government proposals


26th January 2017

Raise the small claims limit, say leading claimant PI lawyers with alternative reform plan


24th January 2017

PI reforms could cost 28,000 UK law firm jobs, warn economists

Car insurance costs rising ‘five times faster than train fares’


23rd January 2017

Warning of tens of thousands of UK jobs losses from personal injury legal reforms

1,700 Mersey law jobs ‘at risk’ in law reforms, campaigners say

“Thousands of jobs at risk” from PI reforms, economists warn

Eight out of 10 PI jobs at risk from whiplash reforms

Economists say PI reforms will put 35,000 jobs at risk

Whiplash crackdown could cost 35,000 jobs, lawyers claim


20th January 2017

Judiciary issues warning to government over impact of PI reform

Blog: Let’s create a cross-industry body to push anti-fraud reforms


19th January 2017

Judges ‘dismayed’ by government’s whiplash proposals, say it will clog up courts

Government “cherrypicking misleading figures” to push PI reforms

Your Thoughts: What Might Be The Impact Of The UK’s Cuts To Whiplash Claims? 

Whiplash legislation ‘will commence’ later this month, minister says 


16th January 2017

6,000 say no to whiplash compensation law changes that would stop injured cyclists recovering costs

These PI reforms ignore the most vulnerable road users

Minister shows no sign of budging over PI reforms says car insurance premiums are soaring, as insurers try to deflect blame


9th January 2017

Government forecast on impact of PI reforms “skewed against lawyers”, say economists

Lawyers hit out over whiplash 

Christina Rees: Tory insurance reforms will feed more cream to the fat cats 

Solicitors flood MoJ with whiplash protests on consultation D-day 


5th January 2017

Insurers won’t pass on whiplash savings 

Insurers, not lawyers, are the bad guys when it comes to whiplash

Whiplash reforms treat victims ‘like an inconvenience’


3rd January 2017

Insurers hit loyal customers with huge price rises

Changes would be a licence for insurers to under-settle

Lawyers urge Lord Chancellor to rethink whiplash reforms