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Access to Justice – About Us

The immediate focus of Access to Justice’s work is to ensure that as the Chancellors proposed reforms progress, the rights of injured persons are properly taken into account and their access to justice is maintained.

Since Access to Justice’s conception we have sought to promote the consequences of the Governments proposals in Parliament, the media and with those most affected, injured persons and the charities, and also the groups which support them.

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Access to Justice hopes to promote and achieve a  united agreement with all interested parties and organisations, to roll out a unified national campaign strategy using the media, social media, an email campaign, commissioning independent reports on the probable effects of proposals, appointing spokes persons and supporting petitions to promote the consequences of Mr Osborne’s proposed reforms in Parliament. This list is not exhaustive. The effect on the injured persons of being prevented from being put back into the same financial position as they were prior to their accident, should be foremost in our representations.

As well as raising public awareness and support, it is important that the political process is also influenced. Consequently, a lobbying campaign at Westminster will be required to be funded once the consultation process has begun. During the process of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act ( LASPO) passing through Parliament, Access to Justice contacted over 550 MPs in England and Wales and had thousands of people contact their MP. Thought is now being applied to a new strategy to be debated and amended by  all interested parties during the New Year. 


It is Access to Justice’s intention to encourage the communication, by all interested parties, full details of the dire consequences of these reforms within the media. Access to Justice has already made contact within injured persons, charities and groups representing them. We have to ensure that those who govern us, know that there is a better way, and that many people are extremely worried, and will be dramatically affected by the catastrophic consequences of these changes. 


Access to Justice intends to work with people from across the civil litigation industry to research, commission research,and to investigate and create possible alternative options, which would both achieve the Government’s objectives, but also maintain ready access to justice for ordinary people.